The Seyfarth Workplace Class Action Blog is a one-of-a-kind resource for corporate employers, HR professionals, C-suite executives, and corporate counsel facing the complex world of high-stakes workplace litigation. It is the daily platform from Seyfarth’s Annual Workplace Class Action Report, the sole compendium in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to complex workplace litigation. Since we began publishing this annual report seven years ago, both the number of cases filed and the financial exposure that they pose to companies has increased exponentially. As plaintiffs’ attorneys bring increasingly sophisticated litigation against employers that combine claims under multiple statutes, the financial exposure has become greater for businesses. Seyfarth’s Workplace Class Action Litigation Report has become the trusted “go-to” reference guide to explain the latest trends in complex employment litigation. Given the enormous financial stakes, pro-active planning and legal compliance programs — to get ahead of these litigation risks — are critically important for businesses. Our Blog is designed to keep Corporate America informed of the latest trends and cutting-edge developments relative to the various forms of challenges employers face, including employment discrimination, ERISA, and wage & hour class actions, governmental enforcement lawsuits brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and other complex employment-related litigation.

Our team of bloggers are Seyfarth’s complex workplace litigation practitioners who defend these types on a nationwide basis and on the cutting-edge of the evolving workplace theories of liability and exposure. They are thought leaders in their field who are on the forefront of complex workplace litigation issues.