160px-District-Utah.gifBy Christopher DeGroff and Gerald L. Maatman, Jr.

As we blogged about here, the EEOC stated in its Draft Strategic Enforcement Plan that it is increasingly focused on preventing and, when necessary, litigating workplace harassment allegations. This week the EEOC’s caution came to fruition when the Commission filed a motion for partial summary judgment on allegations of racial harassment

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Wipeout.jpgBy Christopher DeGroff and Brian Wong

Joining a wave of similar decisions across the country, Judge Edward F. Shea of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Washington this week held that EEOC actions seeking relief for a pattern or practice of unlawful employment actions under § 707 must adhere to the 300-day limitations period set forth by

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250px-US-CourtOfAppeals-10thCircuit-Seal.pngBy Christopher DeGroff and Gerald L. Maatman, Jr.

Yesterday, the EEOC’s aggressive attempt to litigate issues under the Americans With Disabilities Act faced a resounding defeat in EEOC v. The Picture People, Inc., No. 11-CV-1306 (10th Cir. 2012). The Tenth Circuit affirmed the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado’s grant of summary judgment to the employer, the

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cd ill.bmpBy Gerald Maatman, Jr. and Jennifer Riley 

An employee’s right to file discrimination charges against his employer was reaffirmed this week despite some unusual courtroom maneuvers in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois in EEOC v. Cognis Corporation, Case No. 10-CV-2182 (C.D. Ill. May 23, 2012). Judge Michael P. McCuskey granted a rare summary judgment motion for the EEOC, ruling

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v%20station%20mic.jpgBy Gerald L. Maatman, Jr., Chris Palamountain, and David Ross

As quiz shows go, we believe that NPR has created the most honest one. The pauses designed to give the home player a chance to answer before the reveal are not engineered with lights and buttons and coy invitations from the host. Instead, the home audience is treated

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